Senior Service Award

The NCURA Region III Honors and Awards Committee invites nominations for the Senior Service Award.  This award will be presented to an individual who has more than five years of experience in research administration and had made outstanding contributions to the field, to NCURA and to Region III.

The award recipient will receive a commemorative plaque and a $250 honorarium in addition to being publicly recognized at the Spring Meeting as a Region III member who has made and sustained distinctive contributions to both the region and our profession.

Nomination Deadline:

  • Nominations are due no later than Friday, April 5, 2019 at 5:00 PM Eastern (4:00 PM Central time).


  • Senior Service nominees should have:
    • Served more than 5 years in research administration
    • Current NCURA membership in good standing
    • Demonstrated leadership in research administration
    • Exemplary contributions to NCURA and Region III
    • Proven dedication to supporting the core purpose and mission of NCURA
    • Current Region III Officers (elected positions) are not eligible for nomination for this award.

Nomination Process:

  • Nominations must be submitted by NCURA members with personal knowledge of the nominee. Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Complete the nomination form below.
    • Upload one (1) letter of support that addresses how the nominee meets or exceeds each of the eligibility criteria, citing specific examples of personal experience.
    • Letter of Support can be provided by Region III officers, committee coordinators, members, or the nominee’s supervisor/colleagues.

If you have questions about any of the Region III awards, please contact the Honors and Awards Committee Coordinator.