Laneika Musalini

Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
Columbus State University

Nominee for Region III Chair-Elect

Personal Statement

Resume (PDF)

It is truly an honor to be on the ballot for the NCURA Region III chair-elect position. I have been a member of NCURA for over 14 years. Being a member of NCURA has provided me with a wealth of resources and pertinent information that helped me to develop as a research administrator and leader. Over the years, I have created a broad network and valuable friendships that have been beneficial in my career as a research administrator.

I am always excited to give back to NCURA and its members by sharing my expertise and volunteering my time. Since first becoming a member of NCURA, I found it important to get involved at the regional level. I have volunteered in many facets such as working the registration desk, serving as room monitor, working hospitality, and serving as a mentor. In more involved volunteer roles, I have served as workshop faculty, session presenter, discussion group facilitator, and served on multiple committees. Additionally, I have chaired several NCURA committees. With each opportunity, I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Moreover, I have over 13 years of experience leading boards as well as planning and executing conference events. It is the culmination of this knowledge and expertise that has prepared me to be your next chair elect.

Research is rapidly changing. It is important for research administration to stay abreast of these changes by being inclusive on every level. I am pleased to serve at both the regional and national levels to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout NCURA, domestically and globally. In 2018, I was appointed to serve on the Presidential Task Force for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for NCURA National, and the next few years I chaired that Task Force leading it to become a Select Committee. In 2019, I became Region III’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee coordinator serving in a capacity to inform the executive committee and to ensure inclusion and equity across regional membership. These experiences have been organizationally impactful and equally rewarding.

Diversity, equity and inclusion is pivotal to the health of humanity and to the success of our nation. My various intersections have allowed me to experience DEI on many levels. However, as a member of NCURA, it is essential for all our members to feel a sense of belonging and to have equitable access to volunteer/leadership opportunities. As chair, I would enhance belonging by encouraging members to engage in team building exercises and networking events. I would also like to build a volunteer pipeline for regional members to have access to leadership opportunities. Further, I would offer more regional benefits to our members for year-round engagement.

Region III is one of the most robust regions of NCURA. Being elected as chair elect will enable me to further give back to Region III and to NCURA as a whole in an effort to lead, enrich and engage the next generation of research administrators. I have over 13 years of conference planning and organizing experience. I also have over 20 years of research administration experience with progressively increasing responsibilities. I have experienced research administration from the department to the central office. As your chair-elect, I will bring a strong work ethic comprised of dedication, dependability, and diversification. I will also continue the work to increase volunteerism, service to our membership, and inclusive excellence. I want to work with all of you to continually make our region better and more rewarding for each member.

I am proud to be a member of NCURA. I understand the commitment and the responsibilities that follow. I commit to serve you with the highest level of integrity.

Remember, we are better together!