Lorelei Sells

Director of Sponsored Programs
University of Tampa

Nominee for Region III Secretary


Resume (PDF)

It is an honor to submit my personal statement in consideration of my nomination for Secretary of NCURA Region III.  Throughout my nearly 15 years in research administration, I have relied on the vision, dedication, and generosity of countless other NCURA member-volunteers who have stepped up to raise and sustain the professionalism of our field and contribute to the development of those who serve in it.  Without the contributions of all us, NCURA would not be the resource and community that it is, and we as members are so much the better for it… as colleagues, as contributors to our respective institutions, as resources for those who rely on our work, and as partners in research administration and management.  It is with this in mind that I submit my statement in hopes to be elected to serve and give back to this wonderful and unique organization that has given each of us so much.

Throughout my time in research administration, I have served at various institutions including research intensive universities, an academic medical center, and now a primarily undergraduate institution.  I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to serve the unique needs of these diverse institutions and learn from each of them the suite of skills that I can contribute today.  I am a champion of the field of research administration and management, promoting it as a career and having personally recruited colleagues from other disciplines into it.  My past volunteer experience includes service to NCURA and SRAI both on annual meeting program committees and as a presenter, which I continue to do actively for NCURA.  Currently, I am a member of the NCURA Collaborate PUI Working Group.  I understand well the commitment it takes participate, and also the need for willing and skilled volunteers to step forward.  Having served on numerous committees in both my personal and professional life, including my current institution’s Animal Care and Use Committee and Faculty Grants Committee, I appreciate the need for process, thoroughness, follow through, and communication that is key to effective leadership.  As Region III Secretary, I will put my experience to work and assure that you will be represented by a dependable, accountable, organized, and enthusiastic board member who will strive to best represent the professional needs of our communities and ensure that our organization is working to meet them.