Carpantato (Tanta) Myles

Director & Research Compliance Officer
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Nominee for Region III Chair-Elect

Personal Statement

Resume (PDF)

It is with great enthusiasm and an honor to be nominated for consideration for the NCURA Region III Chair-Elect position. First, I should like to submit my statement of interest for this distinguished position.  Serving as the Chair-Elect would allow me to assist Region III and other institutions on a more elevated level compared to many of my current interactions within the region.  I have previously served as the Public Relations Coordinator (2016 – 2018), which allowed me to understand better the vast amount of work that goes into making Region III thrive. In that position, I worked closely with the Regional Chair and Secretary while publishing monthly correspondences for the region membership. I also currently serve on the Region III DEI Committee. At the national level, I currently serve as the Co-Chair of PRA (2022),  NCURA Peer Reviewer for Compliance, contributing editor for  NCURA Magazine, a member of the NLDC, and member of the Regional Assessment of Professional Development Offerings (RAPiD) Task Force.  I have also previously served on the Region III Hospitality Committee and the Region III Spring Meeting Program Committee, NCURA Annual Meeting Program, and the PDC.

Currently, as Director of Research Compliance at the University of Alabama, my focus is on maintaining a research environment that adheres to federal, state, and university standards for conducting research. Prior experience in conducting biomedical research has allowed me to understand the importance of collaboration within the university community to meet organizational strategic objectives. As the Director, I must work well as a leader and as a team member.

As I reflect on the leadership provided by previous Region III Chairs, it has been demonstrated that this position requires the skills associated with being a great servant leader, including effective communication, strong analytic ability, reflection and concentration skills, and the ability to inspire others. I believe that I hold these essential skills and the dedication required to continue to maintain Region III as one of the leading regions of NCURA. Coupled with past and present experience, service as the Region III Chair-Elect would provide a unique opportunity that will challenge me as an administrator while simultaneously provide enormous opportunities for professional growth.

Professional development and collaboration are essential to being one of the best within the field and provide administrators with the necessary tools for developing and maintaining stellar institutional administration programs, which is a cornerstone of NUCRA’s purpose and mission for its members. As a Chair of Region III, I believe the ability to serve would allow me to enhance my ongoing professional development while providing leadership by giving back to Region III by sharing my knowledge and expertise as others have done for me in the past.

I am very interested in serving as the Chair-Elect of Region III and feel that my skills and experience are a perfect match for this position.