Natasha Williams, CRA

Associate Director, Kennesaw State University, Office of Research

Nominee for Region III Chair-Elect

Resume (PDF)

Natasha Williams HeadshotPersonal Statement

What distinguishes NCURA as a professional organization? Most respondents would say its it’s multidisciplinary character. Many would point to its influence on the field of research administration and role in educating, training, supporting, and mentoring research administrators. Others would identify its unique partnerships with institutions of higher learning to promote the development of graduate degree programs in research administration, and how NCURA is positioned to unite many constituencies in the advancement of research administration as an academic discipline. As well, NCURA also looks to enlarging its membership and developing its leadership, especially the regional unit boards, to meet the challenges of the ever-changing times in which we live. Within this context, NCURA Region III can serve as a model for developing strategic programming to serves to meet the diverse needs of the thousands of research administrators who call NCURA R3 home.

It has been my privilege to be a member of NCURA R3 and a Certified Research Administrator for the past 7 years, and a research administrator since 1993. From my initial service to the region as the R3 hospitality committee chair, to being a frequent workshop presenter, to my current service as a R3 RAMP program mentor and a member of the President’s Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion, I continue to strive to be of service to the profession in general, and to NCURA R3 in particular. From these experiences I have been trained in, and learned about, teamwork, visioning, collaboration, setting action agendas, and following through on tasks. It is my hope to offer my experience and skills to the region as your next NCURA Region III Chair-Elect.

I would like for us to be known for significant accomplishments – ones we identify together. They may include increasing membership, developing new training programs, expanding the leadership development program, or taking up an important issue like diversity and inclusion at the regional level. The list is suggestive only, but it does serve to underscore the need to focus on the future of the region and to achieve results. It would be my great honor to take these next steps with you, and I invite you to cast your vote for me as the next Chair-Elect for Region III.