Jeanne Hermann-Petrin, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Office of Research

Nominee for Region III Chair-Elect

Resume (PDF)

Jeanne Hermann-Petrin HeadshotPersonal Statement

It is truly an honor to be nominated to serve as your NCURA Region III Chair-Elect.

You may recognize me as the person who has been providing those stimulating financial updates these last two years as your NCURA Region III Treasurer. I began volunteering with NCURA as a room monitor and was later asked to co-present at the regional meetings. After attending a Getting to Know Region III concurrent session at the 2015 Regional Meeting, I saw an opportunity to step up and do more. I applied to be the Evaluations and Survey Coordinator and served in the role for two years. I was fortunate enough to be elected by NCURA Region III (the best region!) to serve as your Treasurer-elect and Treasurer for the past three years.

As Treasurer, I was committed to bringing a better financial perspective to the decisions made by the executive committee. Working as a team, we brought our region through a lean financial period by making out-of-the-box decisions. We positioned the Region to provide strong educational and networking support to our members while keeping the region on strong financial footing.

Throughout these last two years, I have seen the importance of fostering a strong team ethos even as the members were geographically dispersed. This will continue to be important in the coming months as we continue to work during Covid. I am committed to using my talents and skills to help this organization, which has been so valuable to so many of us, continue to thrive.

In addition to volunteering with NCURA, I am also an elected member of the Board of Directors for Literacy Mid-South, a non-profit organization working to improve literacy in the Memphis and Shelby County area. As part of my board membership, I serve on the Board’s Finance and Board Management Committees. We work to advise the organization through strategic and financial planning to help support both adult and youth programs. This has been very rewarding work as I have had an opportunity to learn more about the challenges my community faces and how as a team, we can work together to make improvements. I will use the experiences gained from my work on that board in my work as your Chair-elect.

You will see in my resume that I have had a variety of working and volunteer experiences. I think you will also see organizational commitment and flexibility in skills. I have a paper weight on my desk with the inscription, “If you do little things well, you’ll do big ones better.” I apply this advice to everything I do. I’ll work hard to be inclusive, effective, and efficient for NCURA Region III. Elevating voices with varied experiences will only help our organization grow stronger and it will be a priority for me to foster this kind of development.

I believe my experience, adaptability, and my desire to support an organization that has provided so much for me makes me a strong candidate for the NCURA Region III Chair-elect position.

I truly look forward to the opportunity to serve YOU as the NCURA Region III Chair-Elect.