Dear Region III Members,

Voting for the 2020 Election has closed and the results are in! Click the links below to view learn more about the newest members of our executive committee!


Regionally-Elected Board Member

David will begin his term January 1, 2021 and Natasha will become Chair-Elect at the close of the spring meeting in April 2021.

Thank you for voting!

The 2020 Nominations and Elections Committee:

Andrea Moshier, University of Melbourne
Tom Capitano, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ashley Pinkard, Arkansas State


  1. Serve as an executive officer of Region III.
  2. Work closely with the Chair to represent all members of the region at NCURA meetings, activities, and other functions as necessary. 
  3. Assist the current Chair with regional matters.
  4. Assume the office of Regional Chair at the expiration of the Chair’s elected term of office or should the Chair otherwise become unable to serve. 
  5. Shall serve as the Chair of the Program Committee to plan the Region III Spring Meeting.
  6. Appoint committee members to help in the planning process as needed.

Full Position Description

Region III Board Member

  1. Serve as a non-voting executive officer of Region III.
  2. Assist the Chair and executive committee as required.  
  3. Actively support the missions and goals of NCURA as a member of the NCURA Board of Directors. 
  4. Along with the other members of the board, will control and direct the affairs of the Council and determine its policies.

This position requires:

  1. Attendance at Board meetings which occur not less than twice annually.
  2. Review of all minutes, reports, special studies, petitions, and other documents brought before or provided to the Board.
  3. Participation in special non-routine Board working groups as needed. Liaison with Board appointed Task Forces as assigned.
  4. Designing, deliberating and approving new policies and changes to existing policies as appropriate for the mission of the Council.

Eligibility Requirement:

  • Must have previously served as a Region III officer.

Time involved annually averages 2 hours per week, including about four days for attendance at Board Meetings. 

Full Position Description