Danielle McElwain

Nominee for Regionally Elected Board Member

Director of Research, College of Engineering & Computing, University of South Carolina


Personal Statement

By this personal statement I am offering my services as the Regionally Elected Board Member for 2019-2020.

My desire to serve in this position stems from my passion for Research Administration as a profession.  As the Region III Regional Elected Board Member, I am excited by the opportunity to use my various experience volunteering for Region III, NCURA National and leadership skills by serving on the NCURA Board.  I would bring regional concerns to the board, as well as, consider the impact of decisions on the region before casting any votes.

Currently, I serve as the Director of Research in the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC)at the University of South Carolina (USC).  Some of my duties here include counseling PIs on proposals, submitting proposals, managing the CEC PI academy, and assisting with the monitoring of accounts.

I have earned my national Certified Research Administrator Certification (CRA) from the Research Administrators Certificate Council and completed the NCURA Executive Leadership Program.  I have been active in committees both the regional and national level since 2013 as is evident on my resume.  I have a diverse background in Research Administration including proficiencies in research development at both department and university-wide levels, central and college level pre-award and post-award support, and in grant training.  In addition, I have experience at both a research university and a predominately undergraduate institution.  This unique and extensive background in Research Administration and NCURA will enable me to successfully serve the region III as Regionally Elected Board Member.