Erin Blackwell, CRA

Nominee for Region III Treasurer-Elect

Assistant Director, College of Education & Human Performance Office of Research, University of Central Florida


Personal Statement

Since being introduced to NCURA (and Region III) through my positions in research administration for the past ten years, I have come to appreciate the support that this organization brings to its members. As such, I would like to serve as Treasurer-Elect. I believe that my experience in financial management provides me with a solid background in serving in this position.

Prior to my first research administration job with Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in 2007, I held several positions in grants administration for a county government and a non-profit. I was also involved at the programmatic and operational level of some of the grants that I managed.

While the majority of my financial management experience relates to monitoring financial transactions and preparing budget reports for projects in coordination with principal investigators, I have also had the opportunity to be responsible for budgets and expenditures while I acted as the Budget/Facilities Manager at Mid Florida Community Services. In this role, I led a department responsible for the building maintenance of twelve facilities. I was responsible for expending funds on large renovation projects in excess of $50,000 as well as prioritizing smaller projects and on-going maintenance contracts. Additionally, I worked with a management team to prioritize their budgetary needs within the agency’s rules and applicable federal guidelines.

In all of my roles, I have had to operate within a set of guidelines and regulations that directed my actions as well as be cognizant of financial principles to make sound decisions and provide guidance to others. While I enjoy all aspects of research administration that I have been involved in, financial management has always been my strongest area. This experience would serve me well as Treasurer-Elect for Region III.

I appreciate your consideration of my bid and look forward to serving my fellow research administrators in Region III.