Scott Niles, PhD, CRA

Nominee for Region III Secretary

Director, Research Integrity & Compliance, Morehead State University


Personal Statement

Dear Colleagues,

I am honored to be running for Secretary of Region III. NCURA and particularly our region have given me so much-professional development, opportunities, amazing colleagues and good friends-and I would relish the chance to give something back. For those who don’t know me, please allow me to introduce myself. I am currently the Director of Research Integrity & Compliance at Morehead State University in Morehead, KY. Prior to this I served for 9 years as a pre award research administrator at the same institution.

Prior to beginning a career in research administration in 2007, I had no clue what the profession even was! My background was in journalism and public relations, and through a series of serendipitous events, I fell into this career, and quickly fell in love with it. I remember my first NCURA national meeting in the fall of 2007, feeling like a deer in headlights. There were so many people, and I was so new to the profession. While I am not a shy person, I certainly felt intimidated.

My first regional meeting in 2009, however, was a turning point for me. It was small enough that I felt more comfortable engaging with people, and I quickly made friends and colleagues that I have come to rely upon over the years in times of need. Even though I was pursuing my Ph.D. from 2011-2016, I tried to get involved when I could, co-presenting discussion sessions and even lending my voice to a song for a skit at the national meeting. In the past few years, I’ve begun to become even more involved, helping to teach a pre award fundamentals workshop, serving as the Region III Nominations and Elections Committee Coordinator, and as a member of the Region III Site Selection Committee. Additionally, I am currently serving as a copy editor for NCURA Magazine, and am proud to see my first article published in the August 2017 issue.

Serving in these capacities has been incredibly rewarding for me, and I am a true believer that NCURA is an invaluable asset to us all. We belong to a welcoming, intelligent and fun organization where the more you become involved, the more you receive. It is this mindset that drives me to run for Secretary.

Should I be fortunate enough to be elected, I am ready and excited to do more. I am eager to learn more about how the organization and our region operate. I am humbled by the opportunity to work with and learn from the many wonderful and passionate people who help Region III thrive, and hope I can contribute to the region’s continued success.

Thank you for your consideration.