Emily Devereaux, MPA, CRA 

Nominee for Region III Chair-Elect

Director of Research Development, Arkansas State University


Personal Statement

It is a great honor to be considered for the NCURA Region III incoming chair-elect candidate.  The members and leadership of NCURA Region III are not only my go-to network of colleagues for research administration, but they are family and the community that keeps transforming the growth and vision of this profession.

NCURA Region III has taught me that it thrives on volunteerism and serving the membership in order to grow exceptional impact for the professions within research administration. The encouragement and support that the membership has for each other is what has helped me to grow over the years in my career. It has provided a strong presence of mentors, professional development and the influence to not only be a part of the community, but to bring others to the community and encourage service to the region.

I believe my active role and service to Region III, along with my nine plus years of experience within research administration, have given me the experience needed to serve in the role as chair-elect. I have experienced the profession from a research and program management role, compliance, and now as a director of pre-award and research development services.  Within these roles, I have been able to serve as the organizer for conferences and workshops at the national, state and local levels, grow collaborative efforts between universities and regional consortiums, as well as serving in advisory roles for special initiatives and programs. My service to Region III has included experience in leadership, meeting planning, growth of membership communication, publications and presentations at both the regional and national level.

One of my strong convictions is to “always leave it better than you found it, and if you take something, be sure to go back and fill it up with more than you consumed”.  The membership and leadership teams in Region III took me in and provided the chance for me to volunteer and serve the Region as they mentored me and taught me resources I did not know existed. It has not only benefited my career, but my institution’s research office, faculty, staff and students in research and sponsored funding, as well. We have thrived from these experiences, and I feel passionate about keeping the service and volunteerism to the Region so others can experience it as much as we have. I have been blessed with the opportunities to serve on the NCURA Region III’s 2015, 2016 and 2017 annual meeting planning committees; 2017 and 2018 annual meeting program committees, federal track chair; 2018 annual meeting site selection committee; and as the 2016-2017 communications committee, website coordinator.  Through the amazing confidence and encouragement from the Region’s membership, I was honored to be the recipient of The 2017 Pam Whitlock Rising Star Award at the Region III meeting in Savannah, GA, in May.

At the national level, I have been able to represent Region III on the NCURA National Collaborate Committee, PUI Working Group 2016-2017 and as Collaborate’s PUI Mentoring Program Co-Chair, 2017.  I have also been able to represent our Region by publishing three recent articles in the NCURA magazine, along with providing presentations at both the regional and national meetings, and professional development programs for our members.

I would love to serve the membership of Region III as your incoming chair-elect, and the multi-year commitment it entails for the ability to make lasting and impactful change for members and the profession.  Thank you for your consideration.