Jeanne Hermann-Petrin, PhD, CRA

Nominee for Region III Treasurer-Elect

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Electronic Research Administration, University of Tennessee Health Science Center


Personal Statement

I would be honored to serve as your NCURA Region III Treasurer-Elect!  This position shadows and assists the Treasurer for one year before becoming Treasurer for the next two years.

I founded an informatics group in the College of Medicine at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2002 after working 19 years in biotech and university research labs. I had just gone back to school to earn my Master’s in Business Administration – a big career change. It wasn’t long until I began working on data reports and metrics for the Preaward Office . . . and so began my Research Administration life. I have loved every minute of it!

I had a lot of catching up to do, and NCURA was with me every step of the way. NCRUA is the premier organization for professional training in Research Administration. I am proud to have joined NCURA in 2006. NCURA since then has provided the information I needed through national and regional meeting sessions and NCURA TV and web casts. I was a little lost at first with new acronyms, but the help of incredible peers and mentors brought me up to speed.

I founded and developed UT’s first Electronic Research Administration office.  We now serve the offices of research on four campuses and three institutes. This progress was supported through the education I and my staff have received from NCURA. Shortly after finishing my doctorate,  I was given an off-campus assignment serving the UT System to direct the implementation of a new state-wide preaward proposal processing system.

With those projects are completed, I now have time to give back to NCURA through volunteering.

I began volunteering with NCURA as a room monitor and was later asked to co-present at the regional meetings. After attending a Getting to Know Region III concurrent session at the 2015 Regional Meeting, I saw an opportunity to really step up and do more. I applied to be the Evaluations and Survey Coordinator and have filled that role for the last two years. I am committed to continue to use my talents to help this organization, which has been so valuable to so many of us, to continue to thrive.

In addition to volunteering with NCURA I have been the treasurer of my homeowners’ association for the past nine years – going on ten! My treasurer duties include preparation of the annual dues statements, as well as collecting and depositing dues and sending reminders to delinquent accounts. I also prepare required reports and sit on the HOA planning board. And I also pay the bills on time while letting the board know just how much money we have available for potential projects. This may sound dull, but i have found it very rewarding when we are able to complete improvement projects.

I served as the Chair of the Ballet Memphis Junior Company Parents’ Association, coming into the position in its second year. I established several committees to give the association needed structure. While I was chair, we doubled attendance at our major fundraiser, The Nutcracker Tea, held at the famed Peabody Hotel. I also increased fundraising through the company boutique at main-stage performances, founded the youth company logo wear/gear sales, and developed a planning committee for the annual awards banquet.

You will see in my resume that I have had a variety of working and volunteer experiences. I think you will also see organizational commitment and flexibility in skills. I have a paper weight on my desk with the inscription, “If you do little things well, you’ll do big ones better.” I apply this advice to everything I do. I’ll work hard to be inclusive, effective, and efficient for NCURA Region III. I believe my experience, adaptability, and my desire to support an organization that has provided so much for me makes me a strong candidate for the NCURA Region III Treasurer-elect position.

I truly look forward to the opportunity to serve YOU in the NCURA Region III Treasurer-Elect position.