Get the most out of your regional meeting experience by getting involved! The outstanding sessions being planned and presented are complemented by a host of volunteer opportunities. These opportunities allow you to engage with NCURA colleagues and create mutually beneficial connections.

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  1. Go to the 2022 NCURA Region III Spring Meeting page on
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  3. Enter your email (no registration required) and click “Continue” to add the opportunity to your calendar and get email reminders

2022 Spring Meeting Opportunities

  • HOSPITALITY SUITE: Responsible for keeping things running smoothly and assisting the Hospitality Track Coordinator and Committee Members to encourage networking and to ensure that everyone stays safe and has fun. Past volunteers have played card games, trivia games, charades, ring around the flamingo, and many other activities.
  • REGISTRATION AND ON-SITE SERVICES DESK: Responsible for greeting arriving members and providing them with their Meeting Packet. The Registration Desk also serves as the On-Site Services Desk so members will come along and ask all kinds of questions! You will always have a Frequently Asked Question sheet and an “in the know” NCURA member at your side to help answer the random questions. This is a great way for our newer members to meet people!
  • ROOM MONITOR: Responsible for arriving at a session several minutes early and making sure the room seems ready for the presentation – speakers are present and ready and technical facilities seem operational. If any of these issues seems amiss (or goes amiss during the session), the Room Monitor is not expected to solve any such problems personally but should go to the registration desk and report the problem so that the speakers may remain in the room to continue their presentation. The Room Monitor also helps ensure that the session starts on time by closing the door at the appropriate moment and encouraging the speakers to begin. Once the presentation is well underway, the Room Monitor takes a count of the room to turn in at the registration desk after the session.
  • AUDIO-VISUAL ASSISTANTS: Responsible for providing technical support for conference sessions by setting up laptops at the beginning of the day and breaking down after the day’s last session. AV Assistants also may be called upon to assist presenters when problems arise before or during sessions.
  • AMBASSADORS: Meet fellow participants and help them navigate their way through the conference by directing participants to their session rooms or finding them a seat at conference meals.
  • GUIDEBOOK ADVOCATE: Share information about our awesome NCURA Meeting App! This could involve assisting with downloading the app to participants’ phones, tablets, or laptops or giving a brief overview of the app. A Frequently Asked Questions sheet and an “in the know” NCURA member will be at the advocate’s disposal.
  • NCURA Cares: Provide assistance to the Philanthropy Track Coordinator with activities and collections and show how NCURA Cares!
  • DINNER GROUPS: Continue conversations and make new connections while enjoying a meal with your colleagues. Volunteer to lead a dinner group to a local restaurant. NCURA staff will provide sign-up sheets and restaurant information.
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Responsible for taking pictures or Region III activities during the regional meeting and/or national meeting.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the opportunities listed above or would like additional information on ways to get involved, please contact Region III’s Volunteer Coordinator.