Service Award

Senior Service Award

The Senior Professional Service plaque will be presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the field of research administration, especially those that have benefited Region III.

  • 2016 Laurianne Torres - Duke University
  • 2013 Tony Ventimiglia - Auburn University
  • 2009 Thomas Coggins - University of South Carolina
  • 2008 Patrick Green - Vanderbilt University
  • 2007 Dr. Tom Roberts - Florida Gulf Coast University
  • 2007 Dr. Richard Moore - Costal Carolina University
  • 2006 David S. Battey - College of Charleston
  • 2005 Barbara Gray - College of Charleston
  • 2004 Phillip Myers - Western Kentucky University
  • 2004 Pamela B. Whitlock - University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Below are some excerpts from Laurianne's nomination packet.

"A model of dedication to both the region and the profession...perhaps the most notable accomplishment of her tenure as Chair of Region III was the expansion of regional governance. Her vision was to increase member participation by creating opportunities for members to become more actively involved." - David Smelser

"Laurianne has a strong record of service for Region III and for NCURA. We have collaborated on both NCURA conference presentations, committees, and have published together in the RMR. She was a key player in writing the proposal that received $40,000 from NCURA to initiate the online UCF Master in Research Administration." - Dr. Jo Ann Smith

Pam Whitlock Rising Star Award

As a long-time NCURA Region III member committed to the field of research administration, Pam Whitlock has invariably touched the lives of research administrators - directly and indirectly. Spanning her nearly 30 years of NCURA membership, Pam has been involved at both the regional and national levels. Here are some of the many ways Pam has given so selflessly in making a difference in the field of Research Administration:

The Pam Whitlock Rising Star Award is given to an individual in the early stages of a research administration career who has demonstrated willingness, enthusiasm, and dedication to the field of research administration and service to Region III.

  • 2016 - Steven Koogler, University of Central Florida

"Steve's enthusiasm and commitment to Region III, NCURA, and the profession of research administration is outstanding. Steve did such an outstanding job at the 2015 meeting, I asked him to serve as my co-Chair for the 2016 Regional Meeting. He has followed through with everything I have asked him to do and constantly asks me to give him additional things." - Kay Gilstrap

"In 2015, Steve assisted the Sponsorship Committee in obtaining over $18,000 in sponsorships between Universities and Companies. Steve is also involved with the NCURA Region III Mentor/Mentee program. Steve takes the initiative to welcome new members, familiarize them with NCURA Region III, and offer his knowledge to those that are in need." - Noelle Schneider

New Member Service Award

The New Professional Service award recognizes new a research administrator (research experience of 10 years or less) who has made a significant contribution to the Region III