Regional Corner

May/June 2016

In Appreciation to Outgoing Leadership
As I step into the position as Chair of Region III, it is a privilege to have worked with outgoing Chair, Danielle McElwain. I would like to thank her for guidance over the past year and look forward to working with her as Immediate Past-Chair. Thank you also to Laurianne Torres for her service as Immediate-Past Chair. Her vast contributions to the Region for the past three years will be felt for many years. We would like to thank Erica Gambrell for serving as the regionally elected member of the National NCURA Board of Directors. We wish her well as she moves to a position outside of research administration. We also would like to thank David Smelser for his service to Region III as the Chair-Appointed Executive Committee Member and we look forward to David’s continued contributions. We would like to thank the following Standing Committee Coordinators for their terms of service: Tanya Blackwell (Public Relations), Natasha Stark (Hospitality), Steve Koogler (Sponsorship), Adam Lawler (Philanthropy), Brigette Pfister (Social Media), Nancy Thoman (Elections), and Melanie Hicks (Professional Development). We look forward to working with them in future positions.

Region III’s National Contributions
One of the remarkable traits about Region III is that our membership is comprised of professionals who are committed to the success of our profession and NCURA. This is evidenced, not only by the number of volunteers that serve at the Regional level, but also by Region III’s contributions at the National level. At this time, we proudly recognize the following members who currently hold National positions:

Stand Up for Standing Committees:
If you would like to get more involved with Region III, please visit and contact Sandy Barber, Volunteer Coordinator at for ways that you can get involved!

Kay Gilstrap, C.R.A., is Chair of Region III and serves as Grants & Contracts Officer III at Georgia State University. She can be reached at

December 2015

The days are getting shorter signifying that the end of 2015 is nearing and Region III is proud to share with you a review of a productive and prosperous year for research administration in the southeast. Our regional membership has increased; we now have over 1600 members! Coming together over phone calls, emails, meetings, and conferences, our members and leaders have had an extremely busy year!

The Executive Committee, regional standing committees, and other volunteers brought the benefits of NCURA membership to life by providing opportunities for members to learn, share, and network on both the regional and national level. We would be remiss not to thank the nearly 150 volunteers for their continuous efforts. Thank you all for being a part of our successful 2015!!! In anticipation of an even greater year to come, we want every Region III member to know there are many ways to get involved. If you are interested in lending your time and talent to our region, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sandy Barber, at to find out how you can get involved.

We are busy planning the 2016 Regional Meeting and are expecting an amazing turn-out at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf & Spa Resort, for which registration will open in January. The program will also be available in January; in the meantime, we’d like to thank those who responded to our Call for Proposals. Another thanks goes to the Program Committee for their tireless commitment to bringing us the best in workshops, concurrent sessions, and discussion groups. We hope to see you in Miramar Beach, Florida April 29-May 4, 2016!

We’d also like to thank David Smelser from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville for his dedication and hard work as Secretary in 2014 and 2015.  During his tenure as Secretary, David made many significant contributions to Region III including launching of the new Region III website, increasing Region III’s social media presence, and implemented a monthly Region III newsletter, as well as many other benefits to the Region too numerous to list. His influence will be felt for years to come.

The Executive Committee will be welcoming two new officers on January 1, 2016 Deborah Smith from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center as Secretary and Robert Bingham-Roy from Georgia Tech and Director of USG Sponsored Programs as Treasurer-Elect.

Stay in touch with Region III and keep informed about what is happening in the region by visiting our website at, signing up for the monthly newsletters, and following us on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter).  You don’t want to miss out on all the things that are happening in 2016!

October/November 15

Happy Fall, Region III!!! We hope that everyone is cooling off from a hot and BUSY summer. As the days grew longer, so did the tireless efforts of Region III Flamingos dedicated to making the most of our NCURA membership. Following a successful Spring Meeting in Wild Dunes, Executive Committee Members and volunteers transitioned towards making our presence at AM57 as remarkable as ever. Consequently, we can boast 380 attendees at the Annual Meeting that represented the southeast, including 86 first-time attendees and travel award winners Laura Kingsley and Sarah Tavernit (congratulations!!!); an astounding 82 Region III members presented workshops, concurrent sessions, and discussions groups; and 32 members volunteered at the registration table and the in the hospitality suite. Through donations and by selling T-Shirts, flare buttons, and raffle tickets, Region III raised over $2,600 for the Education Scholarship Fund. Congratulations goes out to Panda Powell for winning a free registration to AM58 and to Tanta Myles for winning the Pat the Flamingo autographed T-Shirt. Thank you to everyone for their hard work and contributions that demonstrate NCURA’s core values of integrity, excellence, inclusiveness, and collegiality!

To balance the hard work, Region III also provided fun networking opportunities at AM57. We joined together with Region V for a DC After-Dark Tour of the national monuments, led the annual Flaming Fun Walk, and hosted a Breaking Barriers Scavenger Hunt in the Hospitality Suite. Congratulations to Christy King and Sara Pizano for their win! An honorable mention goes to Sara’s son Cristian Pizano who worked really hard for their team. It was a really fun time in DC that culminated in our VICTORIOUS Movie Musical performance. Pulled together by the talents of Brigette Pfister, Scott Niles, Rick Smiley, and Heather Lennon, the “Let It Go” (Research Administration style) was nothing short of amazing! Grab some popcorn and visit here to view the winning performance.

How do we top such a phenomenal year? Well, by getting started NOW on the 2016 Spring Meeting, “Building Teams, Breaking Down Barriers” will be held at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Miramar Beach, Florida, April 29 – May 4. We want to thank everyone for submitting in response to the Request for Session Proposals. The 2016 Program Committee will select from these submissions to put together a program destined to meet everyone’s continuing education and professional development needs. Be on the look-out for more details, registration information, and wonderful volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to volunteer. It is the contribution of your time and talents that will make this the best Spring Meeting yet!

Please join us in congratulating our newly elected leadership! P. Maureen “Mo” Valentine from the University of Memphis is the incoming Chair-Elect, Rob Bingham-Roy from the Georgia Board of Regents is the Treasurer Elect, and Deborah Smith of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center will be our Secretary. We look forward to excelling under your leadership! Region III is also VERY PROUD to have representation in the National Organization. Barbara Gray from East Carolina University is theNCURA Vice President/President-Elect for 2016 and Tony Ventimiglia of Auburn University is the NCURA Secretary, whose terms begin January 1, 2016. These are definitely exciting times in Region III.

Continue to visit our webpage and social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) pages to stay abreast of regional information, news, and updates. Read your Third Thursday e-Blasts and send any questions or suggestions to

Tanya Blackwell serves as the Public Relations Coordinator for Region III and is a Contracting Officer at the Georgia Institute of Technology/GTRC.

August 2015

Same Great Region, New Leadership
Region III would like to congratulate Danielle McElwain for taking office as Chair and Kay Gilstrap as Chair-Elect. Both ladies bring to our leadership team a wealth of experience that will further our reputation as a productive and prosperous region. While we say goodbye to Laurianne Torres as Chair and Tony Ventimiglia as our Chair-Appointed Board Member, we are confident that they will continue to contribute to NCURA in other ways and represent our region well.

Region III’s National Contributions
One of the remarkable traits about Region III is that our membership is comprised of professionals who are committed to the success of our profession and NCURA. This is evidenced, not only by the number of volunteers that serve at the Regional level, but also by Region III’s contributions at the National level. At this time, we would like to recognize the following members for their national service:

Thank you all for making a difference in our profession!

Save the Date
After such a remarkable Spring Meeting in the Isle of Palms in May, you can still hear the ruffling of flamingo feathers across the southeast region. Energized with information and professional connections, Region III is already gearing up for the 2016 Spring Meeting. Please mark your calendars now and plan to join us for another opportunity to network with your peers from other institutions and obtain valuable information on current research administration topics. The 2016 Spring Meeting will be held May 1st to May 4th at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Gold Resort & Spa in the gorgeous setting of Miramar Beach, Florida. For more information on the wonderful location please visit

Watch your email for the theme and request for proposals for workshops, concurrent sessions, and discussion groups in late September! We will also announce the winner for the theme contest!

Stand Up for Standing Committees:
If you want to get involved with Region III, there is a standing committee that would benefit from your time and talents. Please visit or email for ways that you can get involved!

May/June 2015

Do you know why flamingos stand on one leg? Chances are, if you do, it’s because you were at the 2015 Region III Spring Meeting. Those who attended learned more about our beloved flamingo mascot from the distinguished keynote Dr. Matthew J. Anderson (researcher at Saint Joseph’s University), and enjoyed 5 days of great programming, networking, and fun!

Thanks to the work of the Region III Spring Meeting Program Committee, 60 workshops, concurrent sessions, and discussion groups offered a wealth of knowledge for attendees to take back and apply on the job. From novice to expert, this year’s program had something for everyone. We appreciate Program Chair Danielle McElwain and the whole Program Committee team (Debra Alexander, Alex Atkinson, Rob Bingham-Roy, Kay Gilstrap, Bruxanne Hein, David Smelser, Beryline Temples, Justo Torres, Laurianne Torres, Kristin Wetherbee, and Mo Valentine) for developing an informative, comprehensive, and diverse program. The Hospitality Coordinator Natasha Stark and team offered networking opportunities in a relaxing atmosphere, balancing out all of the hard work and learning. Our Sponsorship Coordinator, Steven Koogler, secured valuable sponsorship contributions – making this meeting possible.

We’d like to recognize our Public Relations Coordinator Tanya Blackwell, Webmaster Coordinator Linnea Minnema (and team Tricia Page and Lawson Culver), and our Social Media Coordinator Brigette Pfister (and team Rob Caudle and Ann Pascucci) for keeping our membership informed about the activities of the Region.

The Honors and Awards Committee Coordinator Rob Bingham-Roy and team reviewed the many Travel Award nominations received. After careful consideration of the 19 nominations, Taylor Dearman (University of Central Florida) and Andrea Moshier (Western Carolina University) received travel awards to attend the Regional meeting. Laura Kingsley (Nova Southeastern University) and Sarah Tavernit (Pennington Biomedical Research Center) received travel awards to attend the National meeting. Congratulations to all of you!

Volunteers are integral to the success of the Regional Spring Meeting, and we thank everyone who contributed their time and talent to this year’s meeting. A special thanks to Volunteer Coordinator Hagan Walker (and team Michelle Gooding) for organizing and recruiting a great team of volunteers. Don’t forget there are year-round opportunities for volunteering! We encourage you to visit our website ( for more information.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Washington, DC for the 57th Annual Meeting, August 2-5, 2015. Until then, stay in the know by connecting with your Region (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our website) and be on the look-out every third Thursday for your Region III e-blast!

March/April 2015

Part of NCURA’s core purpose and mission is to “advance the field of research administration through education and professional development programs.” With all of the work that goes into national and regional programs, it’s always a privilege to witness and celebrate in the advancement of our colleagues. In the last round of CRA exams, 65 NCURA members achieved this certification. Of these new CRAs, 21 of them represent Region III. We would like to congratulate the following for successfully obtaining their CRA: Stacey Bass, Julie Kozyreva, Laura Letbetter, and Robert Roy (Georgia Institute of Technology); Kenneth Bauer, III and Melaney McLean (Florida State University); Kerri Bolow and Lauran Kingsley (Nova Southeastern University); Tiffany Buck (Radford University); Vonda Durrer (University of Virginia); Jennifer Easley and Mary Latham (Mississippi State University); Nanette Guzman (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University); Amber Hardie (The University of Tennessee); Tania Osborn (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill); Mitsuko Pensky (University of Miami); Antonia Pitts (the University of Alabama in Huntsville); John Raynor, Jr. (Elizabeth City State University); Kenneth Sleeper (University of Mississippi); Alisa Stafford-Rodgers (Hampton University); Andrew Volker (Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University). Good job everyone! We wish you continued success in your professional development.

Region III is also excited about our fast-approaching spring meeting! There will be tons of “sharing of knowledge and experience” as we join one another May 9 -13th on the Isle of Palms just minutes from Charleston, South Carolina. If you have not already registered, it’s not too late! Registration information is available on our new and improved webpage: The Program Committee worked very hard to put together a series of workshops, presentations, and discussions that will help us all set sail for brighter horizons in our careers. Also, we look forward to hosting Dr. Matthew J. Anderson of Saint Joseph’s University as our Keynote Speaker. As an associate professor of psychology, Dr. Anderson studies animal behavior, with a particular interest in flamingos. Did you know that a flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance? Please help us make this flamboyance the largest one that Dr. Anderson has ever seen!

Lastly, volunteering is a great way to make the best of your NCURA membership. Not only does volunteering offer tremendous networking potential, but you’ll also find that it’s a great way to discover and unleash your own potential. Whether you want to sharpen a skill you already have or broaden your repertoire of talents, working with one of the committees in our region will serve you well as you serve NCURA. If you would like to volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Hagan Walker at You can also visit our website and use the Volunteer Spot to sign up for the various opportunities available.

January/February 2015

With the holidays past us and reenergized spirits from time with our families, Region III is ready to make 2015 another remarkable year. Our first order of business for 2015: officially welcoming Erica Gambrell as our new Regionally Elected National Board Member and Alex Atkinson as our Regional Treasurer. We know they will represent and serve the region well and we thank them in advance for their contributions.

As you know, NCURA is a volunteer-centric organization and we would not be able to function without the help of all those who dedicate their time to making our region successful. While all volunteers are greatly appreciated, we’d like to give special recognition to James Denney for his outstanding assistance on the AV team over the last several years. Thanks, James! We’re currently reorganizing our committees to allow for more opportunities to lend a helping hand. Please be on the look-out for important details coming soon. We will certainly need “all hands on deck” for the 2015 Spring Meeting in the Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Once again, the Wild Dunes Resort will be hosting NCURA’s largest region May 9 -13, 2015 as we spend time developing professionally and networking. This year’s theme, “Uncharted Waters. Exploring Together,” focuses on the implementation of the Uniform Guidance. The program will offer workshops and sessions for the novice and experienced research administrator alike! Below are some ways that you can get prepared for the Spring Meeting:

We look forward to seeing everyone in May but until then, stay connected with us on LinkedIn and Facebook! Many more exciting things are coming through for Region III and we want you to be the first to know.

December 2014

It’s indeed the most wonderful time of the year. As 2014 comes to a close, Region III proudly reviews what has been a great and prosperous year for sponsored research administration in our area. With over 1500 members, our region has been busy, and the fruit of our labor has blossomed.

Continuous efforts on the part of the Executive Committee, regional committees, and other volunteers resulted in great programs on both the regional and national level, for members to learn, share, and network. Thank you to the nearly 100 volunteers for your tireless efforts! As we look forward to an even greater year to come, there are lots of ways that you can get involved and lend your time and talent to our region. If you’re interested in ways you can volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Hagan Walker, at

Once again, Region III can boast having the highest number of members (350) in attendance at AM56, and we’re expecting another amazing turn-out for the Regional Meeting at Wild Dunes, for which registration is now open. We hope to see you in the Isle of Palms, South Carolina May 9-13, 2015!!! Another thanks goes to those who responded to our Call for Proposals and the Program Committee, who has been working to bring us another worthwhile experience. Be on the look-out for the program in January.

Our new webpage ( went live on November 1st and has received positive feedback. This webpage is just one of many ways Region III strives to keep you informed and updated. Make sure you visit regularly to know the latest and greatest about the Flamingos.

We’d also like to congratulate Catherine Church of the University of Virginia and Janis Machnik of the University of Florida for receiving their CPRA. Great job, ladies! Those who achieve this certification have demonstrated they possess a broad body of knowledge in sponsored research administration. Have you received YOUR CRA/CPRA/CFRA? If not, we encourage you to make that a resolution/professional development goal for 2015. Please note that the May and November 2015 tests will be the last ones based on A-110, A-21, etc. Thereafter, tests will incorporate the new Uniform Guidance.

We want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and look forward to continued Region III success. Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook!

Oct/Nov 2014

Once again, research administrators from across the country gathered in our nation’s capital to develop professionally, network with colleagues, and have a great time doing it. AM56 provided attendees with concurrent sessions and workshops on a wide variety of topics that offered information for everyone! Several of Region III’s own members were presenters at AM56, showing the wealth of knowledge and expertise represented by the Flamingos. Discussion Groups gave attendees the chance to candidly discuss important matters, share how things are done at their institutions, and learn from those at other organizations.  Dr. Robert Sapolsky’s keynote address on stress captivated the audience and demonstrated the importance of interpersonal relationships that help us relieve and manage stress.

Appropriately, there were tons of networking opportunities at AM56, including the Regional Hospitality Suite activities held nightly. Region III hosted its first Flamingo Fun Walk (thanks for heading this up for us, Pat Green!), and generated enthusiasm for our 2015 pirate-themed Regional Meeting with a challenging “X Marks the Spot” scavenger hunt that attracted participants from other regions as well. Congratulations to Rick Smiley, Laura Letbetter, Cheryl Waters, and our dear friend (and Region III alum) Robyn Remotigue (now Region V) for their win!

The 2015 Spring Meeting, “Uncharted Waters. Exploring Together” will return to the Wild Dunes Resort in the Isle of Palms, SC May 9 – 13, 2015. Please stay tuned for more details and registration information.  Thank you to everyone who submitted in response to the Request for Session Proposals! The 2015 Program Committee is working diligently to put together a fantastic program that you will not want to miss.

NCURA Annual and Regional Meetings are excellent ways to stay current in the ever-evolving field of research administration and connected to colleagues who share your experiences. We’d like to congratulate the 2014 recipients of Annual Meeting Travel Awards: Natasha Stark (Kennesaw State University) and Victoria Dean (Eastern Virginia Medical School). Additionally, Region III’s Tanya Blackwell (Georgia Tech) received one of the 2014 Catherine Core Minority Travel Awards. Also, we are proud to announce that Region III won the NCURA Education Scholarship Fund competition by raising over $1,000 through selling T-shirts and “flair buttons” that caught everyone’s attention and served as great conversation starters. Thank you to all who donated and/or participated in those fundraising events.

Region III’s experience at AM56 would not have been as rewarding as it was without the tireless efforts of our amazing volunteers. Join us in thanking the Executive Committee, regional committee members, and all of the volunteers who helped make a successful meeting. Your contributions of time and talent are appreciated, and our continued success depends greatly on your efforts! If you are interested in volunteering for Region III, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Hagan Walker at

On December 31st, Kay Gilstrap and Tony Ventimiglia will end their terms as Treasurer and Regionally-Elected Board Member, respectively. Please be sure to thank them for their efforts as you welcome incoming Treasurer Alex Atkinson (Tennessee State University) and incoming Regionally-Elected Board Member Erica Gambrell (University of Alabama) whose terms begin January 1, 2015.

Lastly, to help you stay connected and current with all things NCURA and Region III, we will be utilizing a variety of resources and media outlets. Headed by Secretary, David Smelser, we now have a Communications Committee. Be on the look-out for our newly designed webpage coming soon and if you have not already done so, connect with “NCURA Region III” on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. With the help of Tricia Page of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (Webmaster) and Lawson Culver (Website Volunteer), Brigette Pfister of Virginia Commonwealth University (Social Media Coordinator), and Tanya Blackwell of Georgia Tech (Magazine Coordinator), the Communications Committee will make sure you get the information you need to make the most of your NCURA membership!

Aug 2014

It is never too early to start making plans for the next annual Region III Spring Meeting. Please mark your calendars now and plan to join us for another opportunity to network with your peers at other institutions and obtain valuable information on current research administration topics. Next year’s meeting will be held May 10th-13th at the Wild Dunes Resort in the gorgeous setting of Isle of Palms, South Carolina. For more information on the wonderful location please visit

Say Hello to our New Logo!
During the Spring Region III Business Meeting, attendees voted on a new look for our region.  And here is the new logo! In the coming months, we will be renovating/rebranding our website and other communications to incorporate this new look. Thanks to all of you who participated in the vote!

We want to thank Rodney Granec for his excellent leadership during his term as Region III chair! We look forward to his continued participation in the organization.

Those of you interested in volunteering for events at the Annual Meeting 56, please pay attention to your email for upcoming opportunities.

Think Pink & Show Your Region III Flamingo Pride!  NCURA Region III has partnered with Custom Ink (via their Booster fundraising service) to offer a great t-shirt for only $20! All of the proceeds from these t-shirt sales go directly to support the NCURA Education Scholarship Fund. These shirts are available for a limited time only (orders must be placed on or before August 31st). Show your Region III pride and help support a great cause! Here is the link to place your order:

Region III sends congratulations to the individuals listed below who recently received their CRA certifications:

Erin Blackwell – University of Central Florida, Ladonna Bullman - Mississippi State University, Amanda Coveney - University of Central Florida, Alexandra Credle – Virginia Commonwealth University & State University, Lloyd Douglas - University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Donna Frazee - University of West Florida, Kelley Gentry - University of Florida, Maggie Hassan - Emory University, Tonia Lambert - University of Florida, Mark Lynam - Tennessee Technological University, James Mazzulla - University of Florida, Linnea Minnema - University of Tennessee College of Nursing, Terry Moore - University of Florida, Lore Parran - Emory University, Ginny Pellam - University of Central Florida, Mary Wood - University of Mississippi, Bonnie Wright - Florida State University

We look forward to seeing our Region III travel awardees at the National Annual Meeting! Congratulations to Natasha Stark (Georgia State University) and Victoria Dean (Eastern Virginia Medical School)

It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Sheila Maureen Kelly Tice on May 13th. Maureen was a dear friend to many, a NCURA member for many years and worked at the St. Jude’s Medical Research Hospital in Memphis.

You can now follow us with the rest of your social media friends and contacts on Facebook at NCURA Region III and on Twitter @ncuraregioniii

May/June 2014

This year we held a joint Spring Meeting with Region II in St. Pete Beach, Florida. It was an opportunity for all of us to enjoy some warmer weather and sunshine after a long gloomy winter while increasing our knowledge and getting an opportunity to network with our colleagues. As you read this, we hope that you are looking back on the great time you had learning and networking, or regretting not attending. No worries, there is always next year! The success of our meeting is the result of hard work from a large number of individuals who volunteer their time and talents. Thank you to all the presenters, discussion facilitators, and generous volunteers for making this meeting a success.

This year’s program included a great number of sessions and was the result of a tremendous effort by the joint program committee led by:
Region II Program Committee Chair: Erin Bailey, University of Buffalo
Region III Program Committee Chair: Laurianne Torres, Duke University
Region II Program Committee Co-Chair: Anne Albinak, Johns Hopkins University
Region III Program Committee Co-Chair: Kay Gilstrap, Georgia State University
We look forward to seeing everyone in Washington for the National Conference in August.

Mar/Apr 2014

Once again Region III is home to the BCS Champion! As the celebration of another BCS champion within Region III subsides and we move into spring, it’s time to make those final plans for attending the regional meeting. The 2014 meeting is a joint meeting with Region II and will be held May 3th– May 7th at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort, in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Here is another chance for you to sink your toes in the warm sand, soak up some vitamin D, and get up to date on the current government regulations and hot topics in the field.

The Plenary Speaker for this year is Kevin Carroll, Vice-President of Prosthetics for Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics. Kevin is well known because of his work with a bottlenose dolphin named Winter, who was the focus of the 2011 film Dolphin Tale. Check out the meeting website to get more information on the meeting location, registration and program.

These meetings are an excellent opportunity to network with fellow research administrators while also strengthening your knowledge base and getting the latest news. The volunteers who put this meeting together strive to bring you an informative program that you can take back to your institution and share with your co-workers. In addition to the professional development opportunities, this meeting also provides you with the chance to network with your fellow research administrators and develop your own “think tank” for those situations that arise in research administration that we all struggle with from time to time. If you are interested in helping, we will need room monitors, mentors, registration desk help, hospitality suite attendants, and conference ambassadors. An email blast will be sent to the Region III members calling for volunteers. Consider making a contribution to your region by volunteering! If you have an interest in volunteering please contact Hagan Walker at

Congratulations to the Region III members who earned their CPRA or CRA during the spring exam cycle.

Lindsey Hornsby - Georgia State University, Carly Cummings - Mississippi State University, Tina Hood - Mississippi State University, Mickey McLaurin - University of Mississippi,

Chantal Whitfield - Duke University, Vaishale Ratia - Duke University, Yolanda Demory - Eastern VA Medical School, Kristin Onken - Emory University, Raberta McManus - Florida State University, Sharon Rollow - Georgia Institute of Technology, S. Jeffrey Underwood - Georgia Southern University, Jill Borland - Georgia State University, Lillian Winfrey - Georgia State University, Natasha Stark - Georgia State University, Rebecca Trahan - Louisiana State University, Zahid Ashrafi - University of Central Florida, Courtney Bensey - University of Central Florida, Jessica Maass - University of Central Florida, Shannon Moran - University of Central Florida, Charla Campbell - University of West Georgia, Darlene McDaniel - University of West Georgia, Meghan Huber - Virginia Tech,

For those of you who like to plan ahead, here are the dates and locations of future meetings to put on your calendar:

Jan/Feb 2014

AM55 was another successful gathering of research administrators.  The sessions, networking, and entertainment were spectacular as always. If you missed this annual meeting, please make plans to attend in August 10th – 14th in Washington, DC. A special thanks to all the Region III volunteers who helped make the meeting a success.

This year’s annual spring meeting will be a joint meeting with our colleagues in Region II in St. Pete Beach, Florida at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort May 4th – May 7th. If you have not already made your plans to attend please do. This is a great opportunity for professional development, to find out how other institutions are handling the issues that you are struggling with currently, and to relax a bit in a beautiful location. Check out the Region III website – – to get more information on the meeting location.

If you have never attended one of these meetings, please take a glance at the meeting archives on the website to see the valuable professional development and networking opportunities that are the standard for these conferences. If you are interested in helping, we will need room monitors, mentors, registration desk help and folks that are tech savvy to help with AV set-up. An email blast will be sent to the Region III members calling for volunteers. Consider making a contribution to your region by volunteering! If you have an interest in volunteering, please contact Hagan Walker

The NCURA Region III Nominating and Elections Committee is pleased to announce the elected officials for this year’s election. The officials for 2014 are:
Vice Chair/Chair-Elect: Danielle McElwain, University of South Carolina
Treasurer-Elect: Alex Atkinson, Tennessee State University
Secretary: David Smelser, University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Please join us in congratulating Erica Gambrell on her appointment to the NCURA Financial Management Committee and Jeanne Viviani on her appointment to the NCURA Professional Development Committee.  Lastly some sad news, many Region III members knew long-term research administrator Faye Cook from St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, who passed away on December 2nd. Faye’s career in research administration at St. Jude spanned over 30 years (1974 to 2009) and she saw dramatic changes in the field of research administration.

Happy New Year to all and see you soon in St. Pete Beach!