Region III’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Region III stands with NCURA’s Leadership in support of their statement sent out on June 4, 2020. Please see the full message below:

Dear NCURA Colleagues,

In the last week, national and international protests have highlighted a racial crisis in our country that we as an association, as a profession and as a people, must address. The egregious and tragic unjust murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbrey is part of our unresolved history of persistent and systemic injustice and pain inflicted upon people of color, namely black people, in this country.

NCURA has been committed to addressing diversity and inclusion issues and finding solutions. Over the last several years, with the guidance of our Board-appointed Task Force on Diversity & Inclusion, our work continues to be threaded throughout every aspect of our Organization. NCURA recognizes and acknowledges the enormous challenges of racism, discrimination, unconscious bias, white supremacy, and inequities that confront the country, its people, and us. NCURA is committed to being there for all of us.

To live our core values of Integrity, Excellence, Service, Collegiality, Transparency and Inclusiveness, NCURA must speak up and take a stand – for our voice can contribute to change and finding solutions. NCURA is committed to the profession, to our members and our communities. We stand committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. We stand by committing to educate our members on the historic structural oppression that continues to permeate higher education and research in our country. We stand by committing to decenter whiteness in our conversations and trainings and by highlighting counternarratives whenever possible. We stand by committing to create a safer and more inclusive community for all of our members. We stand by publicly declaring that black lives matter, to our organization, to our profession and to our world.

We would like to draw your attention to the current article supporting Diversity and Inclusion in our latest magazine.

As we move into the future there will continue to be challenges to face. We will listen to members and use an anti-racism and equity lens when allocating resources and developing programs. NCURA will rise to the challenges ahead and together we will make a difference. We draw courage and hope from each other as we support our black peers and research…together.

–NCURA Leadership