Program Description

NCURA Region III’s Research Administration Mentoring Program (R3RAMP) will provide opportunities for selected members of NCURA’s Region III to gain career-enhancing skills and experiences that will build upon the knowledge of current and emerging leaders in the field of Research Administration (RA). The program will engage the scholars in an exploration of leadership in NCURA at both the regional and national level as well as the research administration profession. Under the guidance of an experienced RA leader (mentor), the mentee will enhance their leadership skills and research administration knowledge through mentorship, engagement with their peers at other institutions, and volunteer activities. Participants will learn about NCURA’s structure and leadership, address both individual and field-wide issues in research administration, examine their own leadership strengths and challenges, and immerse themselves in a project and curriculum through a variety of methods focused on enhancing their overall performance. Through knowledge acquisition, professional skill development, and constructive feedback, NCURA Region III R3RAMP hopes to elevate the leadership skills, behaviors, competencies, and daily practices of our talented NCURA Region III Research Administrators.

Program Dates

The deadline for applications is June 8, 2018. The program will run from July 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019.

Program Benefits

Leadership Skills – Participants will assigned to a mentor with leadership skills who will guide them through the program and explore different leadership styles as well as identify their own style. Additionally, the participant will complete readings, online discussions and other activities that will focus on leadership and technical skills of the profession.

Mentors – Participants will be assigned a mentor to work with them to further develop their professional knowledge, skills and abilities during the program. These mentors will be selected and assigned prior to the start of the program. The mentor will provide a seasoned research administrator committed to guide and support the mentee during the program.

Mentees – Participants will be encouraged to interact with their fellow cohorts during the program, through online discussions or other activities. In addition to developing the participants as proficient research administrators, this program will expand their contacts and provide them with a network of colleagues from around the region.

Monthly Modules ​– Eight (8) monthly modules designed around specific themes relevant to research administration in general and professional development. Combined with suggested readings, personal assessments and interactions with fellow mentees, these modules serve as the foundation upon which R3RAMP tailor the program to meet individual needs and career goals.

Spring Meeting – The annual Region 3 NCURA Spring Meeting, held in May provides an enriching opportunity for the mentee to volunteer for the Program Committee or Standing Committee, present a Session or Discussion Group, present a poster of a Research Admin related topic or develop a Workshop for the Spring Meeting.

Eligibility and Application Process

Any current member of NCURA whose employment affiliation is within NCURA Region 3 is eligible to apply. Please e-mail forms to Jamie Petrasek.

Region III RAMP Mentee Form

Region III RAMP Mentor Form