Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Executive Committee is chaired by the Region III Chair. This committee is responsible for making all of the executive decisions related to the administration and management of the region.

Program Committee

Program Committee is chaired by incoming Region III Chair-Elect. This committee is responsible for planning and presenting the program for the regional Spring meeting.

Program Committee Chair - Steve Koogler - University of Central Florida
Program Committee Track Chairs:



Nominating and Elections Committee

Nominating and Elections Committee is responsible for facilitating the nominations and elections for the office of Chairperson-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, and Regional Board Member.

Honors & Awards Committee

Honors & Awards Committee is responsible for designing and implementing recruitment and retention strategies for members. The duties of this committee also include facilitating the annual Region III Service Awards and Travel Awards.

New Member Committee

Professional Development

Hospitality Committee

Hospitality Committee is responsible for coordinating and providing support for the regional Hospitality Suite at both the regional and national meetings.

Site Selection Committee

Site Selection Committee coordinates the site selection process for the regional annual meeting by conducting site research on hotel/conference accommodations and willingness of local institutions to host the meeting at these locations.


Attendee Experience

Website Committee

Social Media

Public Relations

Surveys and Evaluations


Emeritus and Alumni