AM62: Region III Virtual Business Meeting

AM 62 Region III Virtual Business Meeting

Wednesday, August 12, 2020, 5:15 PM

  1. Call to Order—Laura Letbetter (Georgia State University)
  2. Approval of Minutes—Laura Letbetter (Georgia State University)
  3. Member Recognitions— Laura Letbetter (Georgia State University)
    • Award Winners
      1. Volunteer Award
      2. Rising Star Award
      3. Distinguished Service Award
    • New Members
  4. Treasurer’s Report—Jeanne Hermann (UTHSC)
  5. Regional Committee/Officer Reports
    • Treasurer (Jeanne Hermann, UTHSC)
      • Philanthropy (Coordinator, Melinda Fischer, Clemson)
      • Sponsorships (Coordinator, Candice Ferguson, Georgia State University)
    • Chair-Elect (Scott Niles, Georgia Institute of Technology)
      • Program & Planning Committees 
      • Hospitality (Coordinator, Molly Sagona, University of South Carolina)
      • Volunteer (Coordinator, Lily Peschanskaia, East Carolina University)
      • Attendee Experience (Coordinator, Erika Clark, University of Louisiana Lafayette)
    • Immediate Past-Chair (Emily Devereux, Arkansas State University)
      • Elections (Coordinator, Andrea Moshier, The University of Melbourne)
      • RIII RAMP (Coordinator, Rashonda Harris, Emory University)
      • Chair Initiative Wrap Up: Diversity & Inclusion
    • Secretary (Kathleen Halley-Octa, Georgia State University) 
      • Public Relations (Coordinator, Jessica Parker, Auburn University)
      • Social Media (Coordinator, Laney McLean, Florida State University)
      • Surveys and Evaluations (Coordinator Savannah Hulon, University of South Carolina)
      • Website (Coordinator, Kelly Millsaps, University of North Georgia)
    • Chair (Laura Letbetter, Georgia State University)
      • Honors and Awards (Coordinator, Abby Guillory, NCSU)
      • New Members (Coordinator, Lauren Swindell, Georgia Institute of Technology)
      • Alumni and Emeritus (Coordinator, Pam Whitlock, University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Emeritus)
      • Diversity and Inclusion (Coordinator Laneika Musalini, Tri-County Technical College)
  6. National Reports—Kay Gilstrap (Georgia State University)
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Adjourn