“One Beachin’ Region” motto first appeared around 1989, It was used as the Region’s theme in one of the NCURA Olympics. The phrase was “coined” by Tim Conlon.

The flamingo was introduced to Region III by Ardis Savory of the University of South Carolina probably in the mid ‘80s. She used to carry two yard flamingos to our meetings and prop them up in the hospitality suite. Since Tommy Coggins worked for her, he had to ensure their safe transport. Evidently, he grew weary of this task, because the flamingos (Hugo and Heloise) mysteriously disappeared. Pat Green used the flamingo to market our Spring meeting of 2004 by handing out the flamingo appliques at the National meeting of 2003. It seemed to work and they have been popular since.

With the flamingo sticker becoming a very popular clothing accessory at both National and Regional meetings, and the later introduced “blow-up” Pink Flamingo becoming a mainstay in the regional hospitality suite, it was decided by vote at the 2005 National Meeting Region III Business Meeting to “officially” identify the Pink Flamingo as the regional mascot and to (quite appropriately) name him/her “Pat.”